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Shipping Policy


Most orders ship UPS though some smaller-size orders may ship USPS in some areas.

UPS can not deliver to P.O. Boxes. PO Box orders will be routed to USPS via Parcel Post.

Shipping charges are based on weight. Shipping charges start at $6.50.

Orders from this website will usually arrive at your door within five to ten business days. Weight Shipping & Handling Fee:

  • 1-2 LBS $6.50
  • 3-9 LBS $7.00
  • 10-29 LBS $0.75 per LB
  • 30-99 LBS $0.70 per LB
  • 100-149 LBS $0.65 per LB
  • 150-199 LBS $0.60 per LB
  • 200-299 LBS $120.00
  • 300-399 LBS $160.00
  • 400-499 LBS $200.00
  • 500+ LBS $0.40 per LB


1) Buy More than One
You can usually order a couple of bottles of nutritional supplements and pay $6.50 shipping so rather than order one bottle of vitamins order two or three and save the shipping on reordering later.

Also, most nutritional and personal care product orders stay within 3-9 pounds so you can stock up quite a bit on these products and only pay $7--saving you a lot on shipping.

2) Buy Larger Sizes
Usually you'll save per serving when buying the larger sizes of nutritional products.

When it comes to cleaning products, 16oz. bottles, weight just a little over 1 pound.

In general while gallon sizes of cleaning products cost more to ship, their cost per serving are smaller than quart sizes, so consider ordering gallon sizes to save overall.

3) Become a Member
If you’re going to make a commitment to buy these products regularly, you should consider becoming a member.

As a member you automatically save 15% off the retail prices, plus enjoy additional specials or further discounts on selected products throughout the year.

The cost for a membership is only $19.95 and with it you also get a complete product catalog, a product video, several product samples, and many other member benefits.

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